Versatile front-end developer passionate about UX/UI

I have been passionate about the internet for more than ten years which has led to my immediate interest in web design. Since I started developing websites using Microsoft’s FrontPage I have gained a lot of experience which has reinforced my passion for web technologies. I am always learning new skills and expanding my knowledge in front-end and back-end development, graphic design and communication. The increase in new web technologies has enabled me to satisfy my desire for learning and improve my knowledge and skills within my chosen field of study.

“Il est bien des choses qui ne paraissent impossibles
que tant qu’on ne les a pas tentées.”
André Gide

« La seule limite à notre épanouissement de demain
sera nos doutes d’aujourd’hui. »
Franklin D. Roosevelt

« L’avenir est toujours beaucoup plus grand que le passé. »
Tim Berners-Lee